Manage your cells with Mebiol Hydrogel!


Hydrogels are a diverse class of polymer materials that are characterized by their network-like structure and high water content. Hydrogels of many types find a wide range of applications in medicine and life science research, but are not limited to three-dimensional cell culture, tissue engineering and drug delivery. Properties that are very beneficial for cell culture and tissue engineering prompted the commercialization of Mebiol Gel, a copolymer of poly (N-isopropylacrylamide) and poly (ethylene glycol) (PNIPAAm-PEG) for research purposes in the early 2000s. In contrast to other commercially available hydrogels, the defining characteristic of Mebiol Gel is the temperature-reversible sol-gel transition. When cooled, Mebiol Gel is soluble (treated like a liquid), but becomes a rigid hydrogel at higher temperatures. In practice, this means that the cells are very easy to handle. The cultures are sown in chilled Mebiol gel and conveniently obtained by cooling the culture vessel and centrifuging. In the gel state, the highly lipophilic environment of the Mebiol Gel presents an efficient niche for cell proliferation, cell communication, gas and mass exchange and protection of cells and tissues from shear forces.

Low temperature 4 ° C (soluble) High temperature 37 ° C (gel)


  • Stem cell and pluripotent stem cell culture
  • Expansion and differentiation of spheroid cultures
  • Cell implantation
  • Organ and tissue regeneration
  • Drug delivery
  • Non-cell culture applications


  • Easy to use
  • Non-toxic, biocompatible
  • 100% synthetic,
  • pathogen free
  • High transparency for cell observation
  • Proven performance


product nameCatalog no.Quantity
 Mebiol gelMBG-PMW20-10011 * 10ML
 Mebiol gelMBG-PMW20-50011 * 50ML
 Mebiol gelMBG-PMW20-10055 * 10ML
 Mebiol gelMBG-PMW20-50055 * 50ML


Cell culture and tissue regeneration

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Tissue engineering (bone)
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Non-cell culture applications

Protein crystallization scaffold
Viscous hydrophilic injection matrices for serial crystallography
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DNA molecular sorting
Microfluidic active sorting of DNA molecules labeled with single quantum dots using flow switching by a hydrogel sol? Gel transition.
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Drug delivery
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Cell sorting switch
Microfluidic cell sorter with flow switching triggered by a sol? Gel transition of a thermo-reversible gelation polymer.
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Cell sorting switch
On-Chip Cell Sorting System Using Thermoreversible Gelation Polymer.
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Drug delivery
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Cell sorting switch
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Scaffold for DNA electrophoresis and recovery
Separation and recovery of DNA fragments by electrophoresis through a thermoreversible hydrogel composed of poly (ethylene oxide) and poly (propylene oxide).
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 Physical properties

Bio rapid prototyping by extruding / aspirating / refilling thermoreversible hydrogel.
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